K-12 Schools and Districts

We are well aware of the additional constraints that K-12 schools place on technology management. Limited resources, an extremely broad application base, and community access to aging equipment compound the need for simplicity. Day-to-day operations can be simplified only by addressing the complexities inherent in networks before the systems become operational. That's true of the initial installation and every incremental upgrade along the way. Long term, commitment to well defined structure and procedures is by far the most cost-effective approach to technology.

As your advocate, Blackbird Research ensures that various vendors' products and services are appropriate pieces of the puzzle and that they are assembled to form the picture that you envision.


We have a decade of experience in planning and developing building and campus networks. Computer technology continues to double in complexity and performance every eighteen months. This means that the load on a typical network increases 100-fold each decade! Blackbird Research works closely with you and your other engineers throughout design development to ensure that this dynamic building system fits into the structure with appropriate space, power, and ventilation consideration.


Many small and medium sized businesses do not have full-time information technology staff. The IT industry thrives on the notion that complex systems must be complicated. Blackbird Research has a proven track record of creating truly usable and manageable network environments for our clients, through upfront analysis and planning that extends well beyond hardware and software.

Let your competition fumble with printers while you focus on profits. With Blackbird Research, You're well connected!