Why Blackbird Research

We believe that technology is nothing more than a tool to facilitate your mission. We take a top-down approach to system design, letting your organization's goals determine the particular solution.

Since a weak link in system design or implementation can seriously inhibit a network's capability, capacity, and growth potential, Blackbird Research focuses on the system as a whole, throughout all phases of a project.

Implementing a goal-driven design requires more than a basic understanding of technology and vendor solutions. Fully realizing your goals also requires an uncommon understanding of your people, policies, and procedures. That is our goal.

Every Blackbird-developed system is:

  1. Modular: Integral parts of the network can be upgraded as necessary.
  2. State-of-the-art: You won't have to upgrade next year.
  3. Standards-based: Everything fits together nicely without hardware adapters or software patches.
  4. Expandable: Network services may be added without "bringing the network to its knees."
  5. Extendible: The physical span of the network is not limited to its present size. Workstations may be added where needed.
  6. Upgradeable: The network can adapt to technology advances--it's relatively "future-proof."
  7. Easily managed and supported: For the most part "it just works." When it doesn't, you'll find that everything is highly serviceable--structured and well documented.